Economic Development

Pike County, Ohio - An area that’s ready to assist companies of all types succeed by offering a powerful combination of connectivity, resources, low taxes, skilled and motivated workforce, and delightfully low cost of living. 

Pike County is within a 10-hour drive to more than 50% of the U.S. and Canadian populations.  Our transportation network makes it easy to bring raw materials in and ship finished product out -with river transport as far as the Gulf of Mexico for bulk commodities, frequent rail service from both CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern to major population and industrial centers and deepwater ports, and a well-designed highway network.  Pike County offers an in county airport and is within a one hour drive of Rickenbacker International Airport and PortColumbus International Airport.  We’re also known for low-cost utilities, with plenty of electricity, natural gas, propane, water, and broadband.  Most of all, we’ve long been the home of hard-working residents and a skilled workforce with experience in steel, manufacturing, chemicals, wood products, and other industries.

The cost of living is 15% below the national average, combined with affordable housing underscores the region’s appeal to businesses. 

The more you examine Pike County, the more reasons you’ll discover to do business here. It’s a great place to work and an extraordinary place to live!